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What do we offer to Newcomers?

GPCN offers a wide range of services to assist newcomers with their settlement needs. Accessible in English and French, our services include:


Information and Orientation

This service enables newcomers with information and guidance they need to adapt successfully to their new community.

Under this component, the following services are offered in one-on-one and group sessions:

  • Overview of Canada, life in Alberta and Grande Prairie

  • Information on various community resources 

  • Settlement services including housing and access to basic needs

  • Assistance in registering children for school

  • Information on the health care system  and help in finding a family doctor 

  • Assistance filling out application for government programs and services


Needs Assessment 

To address their needs, Settlement  Practitioners meet with newcomer individuals/ families to elaborate an integration plan in order to meet their settlement goals.



For specific services not available at GPCN, settlement practitioners make referrals to community agencies and organizations in Grande Prairie.


Community Connections

Through cross-cultural activities and English conversational Club, we facilitate interaction between newcomers and long-time residents of



Support Services

  • Supportive Counseling - Settlement Practitioners assist and guide newcomers with crisis related to

       adaptation to life in Canada.


  • Interpretation and Translation - Staff and volunteers at GPCN speak over 15 languages.

       We also arrange certified translation upon request.


Information Sessions 

We frequently host workshops with relevant topics that educate and empower newcomers in making informed decisions.


Other Services 

​​​Commissioner of Oath Services

What are the benefits?


  • Get to know Canada

  • Learn about what it's like to live in Canada

  • Be aware of  resources that are available to you to help you settle 

  • Increase your community connections

  • become an active member of GP community

  • Reach your settlement goals

  • Root yourself into Canadian society


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