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In-School Settlement Program


Have you heard of the Student Settlement in Schools Program? We started offering settlement services directly in schools starting November 2015. 


What  is the program's goal?

To work in partnership with schools and school districts to increase immigrant students’ chances of success. This is done by increasing parents’ involvement in the education of their children and helping immigrant students find their way in the Alberta education system.


What services are offered in the program?


We provide the following services to newcomer children and their families in collaboration with school authorities and staff:

  •  Support in adjusting to life in Canada and the Alberta school system/culture

  • Act as a liaison between schools, students, and parents

  •  Offer orientation and information workshops on the Alberta school system and requirements such as parent-teacher interview preparation and the purpose of report cards.

  •  Support parents in understanding course selection and its impact on their child’s career goals.

  •  Provide information to parents on school culture such as the school dress code and how to pack a proper lunch for their child;

  • Support  students to work towards excellence, and getting better grades, which may include after-school tutoring;

  • Assist students in finding recreation activities and field trips

  •  Facilitate access to resources and services in the school and in the community

  •  Assist with interpretation and translation (our staff and volunteers speak over 15 languages).


What support is needed from schools?


In order to have a successful program the following support is needed from participating schools:

  • Referring newcomer students and parents to a settlement practitioner. For example: providing new school registrants with our newcomer to Canada welcome package that has GPCN staff information.

  •  Providing a settlement practitioner with an orientation of the school. For example a map of the school, the number of staff and students, the programs offered for academics and recreational opportunities, and access to the school calendar of events.

  •  Providing opportunities for a settlement practitioner to meet with students, school staff and the parents on the school premises within school hours. Including providing a secure confidential space in which meetings with students and parents can be held. 

  •  Informing a settlement practitioner of parent-teacher interviews or school team meetings about the student.


What’s  in store?


 We are heading out into the community, connecting with school authorities and distributing welcome packages to schools for immigrant students and families. This package includes a GP newcomer’s guide, a consent form for a settlement practitioner to contact families directly, and other community resources!  


Tutoring services  for newcomer students

More information coming soon for this program



Student Service Program Contact Information:


If you would like to participate in the program and/or have questions please contact Nicole Ngemital ( | Arnaldo Ramos ( or give us a call at 780 538 4452.







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